Al Mutanabbi Street

The street was named after the famous 10th century arabic classical poet “Al Mutanabbi“.

In the 70’s and 80’s it was considered to be the first destination for ladies who were looking for high brand gowns and accessories and a good place for showing off like the Boulvard or Al Tahliah street now.

Things changed in the mid 80‘s when the Riyadh manupcility decided to make it a car-free-zone. It turned out that people didn‘t accept the Idea so the shops started losing customers.

It lost it‘s glory and it‘s barely heard of now. In 2009 the street was reopened for cars but that did not change anything.

Literacy and Intellectual community in Riyadh had proposed to make the street a centre for culture and and literature with bookstores, bookclubs, cinemas and cafés.

The street has some really beautiful authentic 60’s houses nearby. It’s a good place for an evening walk.

It is one of the best examples that shows how urban planing could affect human behavior.

📍location: Al mutanabbi Street, between Jarir street and Umar Ibn Abdulaziz rd , Al Malaz, 12812 Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia. Click here