King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival

“مهرجان الملك عبدالعزيز للصقور”

For centuries Falconry has been an important aspect of arab culture and heritage. It was originally a method of obtaining food. Nowadays, it‘s a very popular hobby in most parts of the arabian peninsula and in 2010 it was declared by the UNESCO as a living cultural heritage.

The saudi falcons club is organizing a Falconry festival that aims to perserve inherent heritage of falconry and educate people about it.

It is an international celebration of art and the fascinating relationship between human and Falcons in Riyadh, the heart of the Arabia peninsula.

This years version of the King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival is more focussed on Hobbyist. Other visitors are also welcomed.

⏱Time: 1 December – 16 december 2019. 04:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. the tournaments start daily at 08:30 a.m. and the main ones will be in the last 4 days of the festival. (It is recomended not to go there in the first one or two days of the festival)

🎟: Entry to the festival will be for free.

📍Location: In Malham, 75 km to the north from Riyadh. Click here