Qasr Al Murabba

“Qasr Al Murabba” – “قصر المربع”

(Eng.: Al Murabba Palace)

Al Murabba Palace in Riyadh
The gate of Qasr Al Murabba

Al Murabba is a building complex that was built in 1939 AD (1357 AH). It has served as a royal residence and a Diwan (royal court) of king Abdulaziz and was considered to be the first official expansion of Riyadh out of the wall that surrounded the older part of the city, where Qasr Al Hokm is located.

After the battle of Riyadh at Al Masmak in 1902, king Abdulaziz and his army started the reunification of the different emirates and tribes of Arabia to become one nation and this lasted over 30 years.

When the country became stable and was back to it‘s unity, the king settled back in Riyadh and ordered to build Al Murabba Complex. Al Murabba, which literaly means “the square” was named after it‘s shape.

It is one of the last structures built with local building materials and techniques in Riyadh and It’s famously known for the traditional minimalistic Najdi architecture with a slight change in some features such as it’s fully white interior, and the palm tree that is standing tall in the middle of “Hawi” (eng: inner courtyard).

Later, reinforced concrete started to be the norm in the 1940‘s and such traditional buildings became less common so visitors of this palace will be able to see a good example of how post-unification period influenced the regions architecture.

Nowadays, part of the palace complex, which is the Diwan, serves as a museum covering life at the palace during that period. It is well preserved and will give it‘s visitors details about the use of the palace, some professions related to it and to the Diwan (royal court) in general.

Al Murabba marks a new era for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it‘s a symbol of prosperity and unity of the nation.

Al Murabba Palace in Riyadh

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