AlFaisaliah Tower

This stretched Pyramid in Riyadh is called Alfaisaliah Tower, na… Continue Reading →

King fahd National Library

The extension of King Fahd national library created a new… Continue Reading →

Riyadh’s Water Tower

Known by locals as “Burj Al-khazzan” it served as a water… Continue Reading →

Gaudí in Saudi

If you look at this gateway in Riyadh you will directly know…Continue Reading →

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Mosque

This is one of many beautiful mosques you will see… Continue Reading →

Zahrat Al Sharq Hotel

In the late 1950‘s life started changing very quick in Riyadh… Continue Reading →

Saudi Ports Authority

This is one of the interesting governmental buildings in the heart… Continue Reading →

NCCI Headquarters

This is the corporate headquarters building for the National… Continue Reading →

Saudi Door

Traditional Saudi houses in Riyadh region are known to… Continue Reading →

University Water Tower

In the last decade the education budget was the largest allocation… Continue Reading →


This is one of Riyadh’s unique buildings finished in 2016. It… Continue Reading →

Riyadh Bank

This building is an example of riyadh’s architecture during… Continue Reading →

Qabli Mosque

Manfouhah is an ancient town (pre-islam) in the Arabian peninsula… Continue Reading →

Prince Saud Al-Faisal Institute of Diplomatic Studies

This eye-catching limestone facade is a governmental… Continue Reading →

Ad-Diriyya Governorate Building

Ad-Diriyyah doesn’t only have traditional looking Buildings… Continue Reading →

Yellow Pedestrian Bridge

Having highways crossing the city from all sides is something un… Continue Reading →

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The Museum is distinguished for its comprehensive exh… Continue Reading →

Windowless House

This is one of the interesting looking buildings you might… Continue Reading →

Ministry of Interior

While driving through the downtown of Riyadh you’ve… Continue Reading →

Red Palace Wall

Built in the 1940’s, The red Palace is the first structure built out of… Continue Reading →

Green Door

A “green” metal door of an old mud house in Riyadh’s city center… Continue Reading →

Parking-Criminal Court

Correct! As most of you guessed this is in Riyadh. It is the park… Continue Reading →

The Criminal Court

This fascinating cube is “the criminal court” of Riyadh… Continue Reading →

Qasr Al Hokm

The ruling Palace in Riyadh with it’s modern Najdi architecture… Continue Reading →

The Musalla

A MUST DO visit while in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia. It is… Continue Reading →

Grand Mosque

Many modern structures’ exteriors in Riyadh are built with the… Continue Reading →

King Faisal Foundation

These two triangle shaped twin towers are…Continue Reading →