Burj Al Margeb

“Burj Al margeb”-“برج المرقب”
Or known as “burj kla’ib – برج كليب” is a historical watchtower on a flat-top hill in Manfouhah neighborhood.

Manfouhah is an ancient town (pre-islam) in the Arabian peninsula that was a great farm land surrounded by a big number of palm-trees and was also home of one of the most famous Arab Poet named “Al A’sha”.

Watchtowers were built for military and orientation purposes. As at that time no higher buildings existed. .

It looks like as if there was an ancient castle on top of this hill that has been destroyed and the watchtower is the only part left.

👌: enjoy the sunset on top of the hill, with a view of the surroundings while hearing the peaceful Maghreb Athan (prayer call). .

📍Location: Said Ibn Nafi, Al Yamamah, Riyadh 12674, Saudi-Arabia.