Falcons Market

Falconry is one of the very popular sports in Saudi culture and for that reason you can find the falcons market right in the heart of Riyadh, where hobbyist can go and get all supplies need to practice their hobby.

At the market you can find hunting gadgets, Falconry accessories and of course, Falcons.

In winter time a falcons auction is organised in the front yard of the market every Saturday starting from 06:00 a.m. but the market it self is open daily even during summer.

It‘s a truly authentic market that you should absolutly visit while in Riyadh.

⏱: The Market is open all year round. Best time to go there is in the morning during hunting season between November and February. If you go there in Summer you won’t se that much.

📍Location: Almuqaybira street, Ad dirah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Right at the big parking house at the end if the street. Click here