Hijri New Year

The main calendar used in Saudi Arabia and many other muslim countries is called “Hijri calendar” – “التقويم الهجري” and we’re now in year 1441 AH.

Hijri is a 12 months lunar calendar with 354 or 355 days a year and all muslim celebrations including Ramadan are based on it.

The Year zero of the Hijri calender is the year in which prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) migrated from Mecca to Medina. “الهجرة النبوية” – “Al Hijrah an‘nabawiyah“

Hijri is the official calendar in Saudi Arabia. However; the new year is not celebrated in saudi culture and people mostly do not use any special greeting for this occasion.

Since there are 11 days difference between the Gregorian (the one internationally used) and Hijri calendars, the dates of muslim holidays in the Gregorian calendar vary from year to year.

👌: There are some tools to help you convert Gregorian/Hijri dates. Click here to find out your Hijri Date of birth to celebrate your birthday twice a year but you have to know that in numbers you would get old faster with the Hijri, since a year is shorter.

The Gregorian calendar is also used in the kingdom but many people, especially older ones, are not familiar with it.