Jabal Abu Makhruq

“Jabal Abu Makhruq – جبل ابو مخروق”

A 50 meters high unique rock formation in the heart of Riyadh.

A long time ago it was known to be a haunted place so people in Riyadh were afraid of going there.

After the unification of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia this mountain became a place in which king Abdulaziz enjoyed spending some time and watched horse races.

In the late 70’s it was transformed into a public park but this has been abandoned recently.

Even though it’s not being taken care of, it’s still a very beautiful place.

❗️: It’s an abandoned park. So entering the park is at your own risk.

📍Location: Adh dhubbat, 6976 Riyadh 12627 4637, Saudi Arabia. Click here