King fahd National Library

This is one of riyadh’s main libraries and an architectural image in Riyadh cityscape. It was established in the 1980’s and then expanded in 2013. The exterior of the library you see now is part of the expansion project, which was done in 2013.

King fahd national library
King fahd national library

The cuboid shape of the expansion project surrounds the old library building from all sides. The membrane facade, which was optimized in relation to the local sun path, combines the required protection from the sun with maximum light penetration and transparency and most importantly it reinterpret the traditional Arabian tent structure.

The original building still not covered in the middle during construction work of the expansion.
old structure on the right side and the new one on the left.

What most people don’t know about it is, that the original 1980’s structure is still perserved within the new extention. So if you go there you can literally read a book on the rooftop of the old building while being inside the new expansion of the library.

It is an absolutely wonderful library, with a very intelligent architectural design. Special thanks to Riyadh development Authority for choosing the right concept for the expansion project.

there is a very nice small park in the backside with a number of foodcarts offering various food options.

❗️: registration at the front desk before entering is required. Visitors are not allowed to go between the bookshelves, if interested in reading a book you can ask one of the librarians to assist you.

📐Architect: The the expansion was designed by “Gerber Architekten”.

🕒: Entry to the Library from Sunday to Thursday, 08:00 a.m till 07:00 p.m.

📍Location: King Fahd Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12211, Saudi-Arabia. Click here