Haraj bin Qasim

Haraj bin Qasim is one of the biggest flea markets in the region … Continue reading

Souq ez’Zall

An authentic local market you can visit in the heart of Riyadh…
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Bat’ha Market

A market to feel the cultural diversity of the Riyadh…
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Saturday Farmers Market

every Saturday morning, farmers from towns and villiages near…
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Taibah Gold Souq

There are a couple of gold souqs in Riyadh but the… Continue Reading →

At-ta’mir Center

One of the traditional open markets in Riyadh that has… Continue Reading →

Riyadh Seasonal Dates Market

Date is the national fruit of Saudi Arabia and a very… Continue Reading →

Falcons Market

Falconry is a one of the important sports in the Saudi culture… Continue Reading →

70’s Shopping

This was one of the most prestigious shops on… Continue Reading →

Souq Al-Hilla

Al-Hilla is a musical instruments market that is barely… Continue Reading →