Qabli Mosque

Qabli Mosque – 17th century
Manfouhah is an ancient town (pre-islam) in the Arabian peninsula that was surrounded by a big number of palm-trees and was home of one of the most famous Arab Poet named “Al A’sha”

“Qabli mosque” is one of the oldest still existing mosques in Manfouhah which was built over 300 years ago in the traditional Najdi way and was a place of sharing knowledge at that time.
With an area of a little bit over 500 square -meters it was considered to be a huge building.

Riyadh has expanded very fast throughout the years so Manfouhah became one of its neighborhoods. The area, where the old town of Manfouhah is located, is unfortunately not a place you would like to spend much time in, as it is still neglected šŸ˜©.

It was a real pleasure to discover such an ancient town in Riyadh and find some historical sights still existing to this day. There are a lot of undiscovered places in Riyadh that need to be shown to the world.

šŸ“Location: Coming from Southern Ring to Al Fariyan Street head north ~ 500m then turn right after Aldrees gas station. The mosque is in the area behind the gas station a bit deep into the neighborhood. Click here