Rawdat Khuraim

Rawdat Khuraim – روضة خريم

Rawdat Khuraim is a natural reserve located about 100 km away from Riyadh on the edges of the sand dunes of Ad-Dhana desert. It has a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna of the region, which makes it a great place to go for a picnic during spring season.

The word Rawda in Arabic is the singular for Riyadh, which means Gardens in english. So Rawdat Khuraim means the Garden of Khuraim.

Every winter, this natural reserve becomes lush green, especially after a good rainy season, and the ground gets covered with the white desert daisies (arabic: أقحوان:Uk’huan). However, during the dry summer months it wont be as green as in these photos.

Uk’huan: white desert daisies – Rawdat Khuraim. /riyadh.sa/

For many Saudi‘s, it is considered to be a place where king’s spend their spring break, especially during King Abdullah‘s rule (2006-2015), since this one was one of his favorite places to have a break.

Even world well known personalities such as King Hamad of Bahrain, prince Charles of the UK, Bill Gates, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama have made their way to this place.

King Abdullah, the president of Uruguay Tabare Vazquez and other leaders  playing Petanque at the kings private area of Rawdat Khuraim. /archive.aawsat.com/

The reserve has two sections, a private royal one another for the public.

🎟: Entry is free.

⏱: open in the early morning hours until ~ 09:00 p.m. it only makes sense to go their ~ December to early April.

📍Location: The reserve is surrounded by poles to protect it from car. Visitors can park their cars and walk. If going from Riyadh it is located 20 km before the town ”Rumah“. Click here for the location.