Riyadh’s Water Tower

برج الخزان

“Riyadh’s Water Tower”- 1969
Known by locals as “Burj Al-khazzan” it served as a water tank for the new neighborhoods of Riyadh at that time.

The tower was the main Landmark of Riyadh since 1969 until a higher tower was built in 2000 (Al-Faisaliah).

The technique used while building that mushroom-like tower is quite interesting. Firstly the head of the mushroom was built right on the ground. Then it was jacked up, and its shaft was then built under it as it rose.

The architect has made several copies of that work arround the world. The first was in Örebro-Sweden 🇸🇪 the second and biggest copy so far is the one here in Riyadh. Then Sheikh Jaber of Kuwait has requested the architect to build 9 smaller copies of it in Kuwait.

It was originally colored in Black and white but has been changed to blue and gold later and in 2019 it was modified again to include Arabic graffiti of a 20th century poem about ”rain after a season of drought“.

Arabic graffiti of a 20th century poem about rain after a period of drought

🚪: You can buy a ticket for 10 SR to get up to the top of the tower and have a view of the City. .
Please note that single men are not allowed in yet but you can try to negotiate with security guards if you really want to.

📐Architect: The Swedish Architect Sune Lindström. He’s done some astonishing projects around the world, one of which are the famous Kuwait towers.

📍Location:It is situated in Alwatan Park at King Abdelaziz historical center. King Saud Rd, Al-Futah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Click here