Taibah Gold Souq

“Taibah gold Souq” -“أسواق طيبة للذهب”

Taibah Souq is one of the biggest and most famous local markets in Riyadh.

It is a great general market for a wide variety of authentic Arabic goods, cosmetics, clothing (including abayas) and most importantly Gold.

The gold Souq at Taibah is not the only one in Riyadh but it is one of the busiest and it would definitely give a feel of a traditional Saudi gold souq.

It‘s a place to see gold like you have never seen before, because some shops get really creative when it comes to presenting their jewelry’s. The amount of Gold in every shop window is eye popping and sometimes even hanged inside the shop.

2 million riyals worth of gold.

Try to find the biggest piece of gold jewelry, we bet you wont find a bigger one than the one in the middle of this photo 😜 it’s 2 Mio Saudi Riyals!

👌Tip: Always barter on the price of anything you wish to purchase and It’s recommended to visit Souq Taibah at night when it’s the busiest – so you can feel the excitement and liveliness of the traditional shopping atmosphere.

📍Location: Taibah-market, Olaya Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Click here