Tash Ma Tash

”Tash ma Tash“ 1993 – 2011

“طاش ماطاش”

Every Saudi who lived in the 90‘s and early 2000‘s would recognize this soundtrack and definitly know it‘s ”Tash Ma Tash“, the most popular tv show in the gulf region when it was aired.

Tash Ma Tash is a Saudi Arabian satirical comedy show that was aired daily after Iftar in ramadan between 1993 and 2011.

Every episode has a new story and characters that discussed cultural, social, legal and even religious matters. All were relevant to Saudi society.

Some of it‘s episodes were so controversial that they became the main topic all over the country in the next day. It received a lot of criticism but was never stopped.

The show was a reflection of saudi society at that time and became a source of idioms and catchphrases.

The 18th season was broadcasted in 2011 and it was the final season of the series.

This show would have been an excellent way to understand the Saudi culture if it had subtitles. You can watch this short translated clip on Youtube. Click here

This clip is part of an episode titled “without a male guardian“ – “بدون محرم” discussed the issue of male guardianship in the society in an exagerated sarcastic way.