Qasr Al Hokm

“Qasr Al Hokm“ – “قصر الحكم”

Qasr Al Hokm or the ruling palace in english is one of the best example of modernized Najdi architecture in Riyadh.

The palace was originaly built out of adobe bricks like most buildings in Riyadh at that time Until the late 1980‘s when ”Riyadh Development Authority“ decided to develope the area. The development project considered the features of traditional najdi architecture but used modern building techniques.

The first ruling Palace in Riyadh was established over 250 years ago at the exact same location. It used to be a residence of the rulers of Riyadh and an adminstrative building at the same time, something like a town hall. This was the main purpose of it until the re-unification of Saudi Arabia in 1932, when King Abdulaziz decided to move out to the new Murabba palace outside the city wall a couple of years later and established the new ruling council at Qasr Al Murabba.

Nowadays; the palace has more of a symbolic than an administrative function. There is an extraordinary royal Majles and offices for the king and for the governors of Riyadh.

❗️There is a chance for public to go inside the palace during the Saudi national day’s celebrations on 23 September.

📍Location: Deera, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Click here