Zahrat Al Sharq Hotel

“Zahrat Al Sharq Hotel” – 1960‘s .

In the late 1950‘s life started changing very quick in Riyadh. Citizens were moving out to more advanced, concrete houses in the new neighborhoods of the city and many people were coming to Riyadh but there were no good hotels.

Investors started building hotels on the outskirts of the city, mainly on the old airport road of Riyadh. Alyamamah Hotel and Zahrat Al Sharq Hotel were two of the main hotels, which were built during that period.

Celebrities, high-ranking government officials and well known politicians hung out there and many elite weddings took place in their halls.

Sadly, Al yamamah (the better looking and older one) was demolished in 2017 and Zahrat Al Sharq was closed in October 2018.

You can still go and see the exterior of Zahrat Al Sharq hotel and have a look at the lobby from the glass front.

Constructed by : Bin Laden Group.

📍Location: King Abdulaziz St, Al malaz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.